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What’re the advantages of autumn fertilizer on fruit trees?

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Sulfate salts as agriculture grade zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate manufactured by Rech Chemical Co. Ltd are inorganic fertilizers. Now, it’s the right purchasing season for autumn fertilizers. Rech Chemical Co. Ltd had received more fertilizer inquiries since this fall from domestic customers. What's good about autumn fertilizers to fruit tree growth?

Firstly, it can make the fruit tree’s main root and absorption ability active. The fertilizer absorbed autumn by root system could not only become the stocked nutrition, but also provide nutrition for flowering, leaf growing in the following year;

Secondly, the temperature varies much between autumn day and night, that benefit the photosynthetic efficiency;

Thirdly, autumn fertilization allows sufficient time for root system to absorb, transfer, and stock them in the tree. Autumn fertilization is an important planting management of orchard and it’s also the fertilization foundation throughout the year.

We’re told by agriculture grade zinc sulfate purchaser for the autumn that autumn fertilization is better than spring fertilization for fruit trees, early fertilization in fall-winter season is better than late fertilization.


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