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What’re symptoms for nutrient deficiency of flowers?

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Flowers need a large quantity of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and Sulfur fertilizer when growing, while the demand for Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Se is relatively few. However, if plants lack of trace element such as manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate, there will be plenty of adverse effects for plants.
Symptoms of nutrient deficiency are as follows:
Mg deficiency will cause chlorosis and yellows. Symptoms of Mg deficient plant show chlorosis in the bottom place and then extend to the upper place gradually. Veins keep green and then turn to yellow.
Signs of Fe deficient plant include light green mesophyll tissues, green veins. But in severe case, new leaves are yellowish white and will wither finally.
Mn deficient plant show pale and gray on leaves. Brown spots can be found in marginal areas and then extend to other place. Leaves will be withered finally.
The growth of Zn deficient plants is inhibited and is easy to get diseases. Zn can improve the resistance ability for fungal diseases.
Therefore, when planting flowers, it is necessary to spay trace element solutions such as zinc sulfate solutions and manganese sulfate solutions to prevent them from nutrient deficiency.


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