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What kinds of fertilizer we should we prepare for the roof vegetables planting?

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The news often reports pesticide residue on vegetables market always exceeds bid that make our healthy and life in great danger.Lived in the cities with lots of tall building, the people prefer to plant vegetables by myself market on rooftops kind for its safety and fun. Plants need a lot of fertilizers, such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate. Now Rech Chemical introduce six essential fertilizers for family roof vegetable planting as follow.
A. Compound fertilizer. This fertilizer is added all kinds of trace elements as granule to slowly give off.
B. Calcium superphosphate. It can improve phosphorus utilization rate inder the fermentation in acid condition.
C. Urea, can be used as basal, top fertilizer and spraying fertilizer.
D. Potassium chloride,also only used as basal but also top fertilizer.
E. The potassium dihydrogen phosphate,used for spraying .
F. all kinds of trace element fertilizer and spraying micronutrient fertilizer. Such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc which can supply crops all trace elements timely.


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