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What factors make blueberry leaves show brown

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When you plant blueberry, sometimes you may found that the leaves show brown. So what factors make then brown? Is that caused by ferrous sulfate deficiency, insufficient irrigation or other reason? Today we will talk about that specifically.
Root rot and fungi both cause blueberry plant leaves to turn brown. Root rot occurs in plants left standing in water and eventually kills the plant. Fungi such as blights and stem cankers turn the leaves yellow or brown. Dead branches indicate the plant is being killed by the fungi.
Plants that lack sufficient moisture may experience leaf scorch. Leaf scorch causes the edges of the leaves to turn brown, then roll up. Since blueberry roots lie along the surface of the ground, keeping the soil moist, but not overly wet, remains critical to keeping the plants healthy.
A deficiency of ferrous in the soil may turn leaves brown on blueberry bushes. If the soil is too high in acidity, the plants cannot absorb the critical nutrient, causing the leaves to turn brown. Applying ferrous sulfate to the leaves or directly to the soil to help lower the acidity helps correct the problem.a


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