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Ways of fertilizing to winter wheat in Northwest

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Wheat is one of the most important food crops in China, in which winter wheat takes up 80% in areas. 50kgs of winter wheat absorb 1.4-1.6kgs N fertilizer and 0.5-0.75kgs of P fertilizer, K fertilizer 1.5-2kgs, the proportion of N:P:K is 1:0.33:1. There are many differences in fertilizing because of different breed, soil and climate etc.

As for wheat in Northwest of China, there is little organic fertilizer in the soil and little rain in the growth season. There are some points to be noticed:
1/ Fix the base fertilizer according to the situation of the soil.
2/ Increase the organic fertilizer, and fertilize with the inorganic fertilizer;
3/ N fertilizer works mainly as the base fertilizer, and then as the topdressing;
4/ Together with the micronutrient fertilizer;
5/ Fertilizing together with water saving and high-yield culture technique.
1/ Yield is 400kgs/667㎡ or above: farmyard manure 2-3 cube/ 667㎡, N fertilizer(N)11-13kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)6-8kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)2-3kgs/667㎡.
2/ Yield is 300-400kgs/667㎡: farmyard manure 2-3 cube/ 667㎡, N fertilizer(N)9-11kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)4-6kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)1-3kgs/667㎡.
3/ Yield is 200-300kgs/667㎡: farmyard manure 2-3 cube/ 667㎡, N fertilizer(N)7-9kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)3-5kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)1-2kgs/667㎡ if needed.
4/ Yield is 200kgs/667㎡ or below: farmyard manure 2-3 cube/ 667㎡, N fertilizer(N)5-7kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)3-5kgs/667㎡.

It’s forbidden that fertilizing the High chlorine fertilizer to the wheat, because it harms the young wheat. 2kgs/667㎡ sulphur is needed in the S deficiency area, and in the area of Zn and Mn deficiency, 1-2kgs of zinc sulfate or manganese sulfate is needed. 150-200g micronutrient foliar fertilizer or monopotassium phosphate + 0.5-1kgs urea+50kgs water can be sprayed in the wheat filling stage.
Inorganic fertilizer, Phosphorus acid and micronutrient are as base fertilizer, for N fertilizer, 70-80% is as base fertilizer, and the others are as top application.


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