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Urea Zinc ---The downstream product of zinc sulfate

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With the growing tendency of development from chemical fertilizer to elements compound fertilizer and large demand of micronutrient fertilizer, Urea Zinc, one of zinc sulfate downstream products, become more and more popular for its advantages of nitrogen compound fertilizer with high zinc concentration and significant effect on yield.
Urea zinc is a new kind of compound nitrogen fertilizer which mainly contains elements like zinc and sulfur and other nutritional elements. It’s popular with many customers for wild application,long storage time, safety transportation and no poison and harmless. Compared with ordinary urea zinc,the loss of nitrogen is much lower. After organized, zinc and sulfur are much easy to be   absorbed directly and their effective utilization rate increased at 20% ~ 30% than those of ordinary urea. Since urea zinc can provide crops necessary zinc in growth period, it’s widely applied to zinc crop cultivation in zinc deficiency area. If the crops are effectively supplied zinc, the roots and stems grow strong, leaves and buds too. Correspondingly, there will be grain harvest. Urea zinc could be fertilized on the base but also sprayed on the leaves. The appearance of urea zinc simplifies techniques much to mix nitrogen fertilization and zinc together, meanwhile it’s really a effective fertilizer to increase crops yield.
As a raw materials--zinc sulfate supplier of urea zinc, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd will serve you with high quality product and all reliable solutions.


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