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The widely fertilization techniques of ferrous sulfate

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The common iron fertilizer in agriculture is ferrous sulfate or called it iron sulfate. Some end users buy ferrous sulfate from Rech Chemical Co. Ltd, also inquiry for specific application methods. How to apply ferrous fertilizer?

Crops as tomato, beet, sorghum, soybeans, and apple are sensitive to iron. Usually, gramineae and other crops and rarely lack ferrous deficiency, but not the fruit trees. Top dressing is the widely fertilization for fruit trees, and solution concentration for spraying is 0.2% ~ 1%. Fruit trees could be sprayed with 0.75% ~ 0.75% ferrous sulfate solution before bud or 0.5% ferrous sulfate and 0.5% urea for continuously 3 times after if yellowing appears. Elements injection is another effective solution that 0.3% ~ 0.5% ferrous sulfate solution is injected into the trunk of fruit trees which would be transported to the needed part.

If methods above do not work obviously, Rech Chemical teaches you the last effective ferrous solution added with urea and citric acid. The detailed configuration method: add citric acid 25 grams and ferrous sulfate 125 grams in 50 kilograms of water. After being dissolved, add 50 grams of urea more. Then, 0.25% ferrous sulfate, 0.05% citric acid and 0.1% urea compound ferrous sulfate fertilizer have been made.


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