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The ways of fertilization

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Powder or granular fertilizers as manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate pentahydrate with fine water solubility produced by Rech Chemical Co. Ltd are widely used in many ways of fertilization. In agricultural practice, the commonly fertilization methods are base fertilization, seed fertilization and topdressing.

Seed fertilization, that is, treat seeds with a fertilizer solution before sowing.

Base fertilization, fertilization proceeds before sowing or transplanting. It primarily supply plant nutrients in the whole growth period and create a good soil conditions for crop growth and development. Moreover, it also could improve soil fertility.

Topdressing is a more flexible way of fertilization which proceeds according to the different requirement in crop’s growth period, Topdressing could be defense fertilization and foliar fertilization. Foliar fertilization could quickly take the nutrients into the plant body, and defense fertilization mainly is irrigated with water soluble fertilizer.

Whatever any of fertilization method, the fertilizer species that plant need indeed and the efficiency should be considered before fertilizing. High efficiency fertilization comes to modern agriculture like as some water soluble manganese sulfate.


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