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The usages of magnesium sulfate in our daily life

Views: 281     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-21      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

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As we all know, magnesium sulfate can be widely used as agriculture fertilizer, feed additive. However, do you know magnesium sulfate can also be used in our daily life? Today we will talk about the usages of magnesium sulfate in our daily life.
First of all, magnesium sulfate can be used as bath salt to dispel the fatigue, and can make your skin smoother and tender. 
Second of all, if you belong to oily hair group, the hair nature will be improved by adding a little magnesium sulfate hetpahydrate in you shampoo.
Last but not the least, magnesium sulphate can be used in making snowflakes.


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