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The usages of copper sulphate pentahydrate

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Rech Chemical Co. Ltd summarized the following usage of copper sulphate pentahydrate :

(1) Copper sulfate is used in the manufacture of other inorganic feeding salts, such as cuprous chloride, cupric chloride, copper pyrophosphate, cuprous oxide, copper acetate, copper carbonate and so on.

(2) Copper sulphate can be used in the manufacture of dyes and pigments such as reactive blue, reactive violet and so on.

(3) In Organic industy, copper sulphate can be used as the catalyst to synthesis the perfumes and dyes intermediates, and the polymerization inhibitor of methyl methacrylate.

(4) Copper sulfate can be used in the paint industry for the production of anti-fouling paint fungicides. In electroplating industry, it plays the role of main salt of Bright Acid Copper and copper additives.

(5)In printing and dyeing industry, copper sulphate is used for a mordant dyeing and finishing co-oxidant.

(6) In agriculture, copper sulphate pentahydrate is used for a fungicide.

(7) Copper sulphate is also used as the main raw materials feed additives or trace elements

(8) In the production of preserved egg and wine, good grade copper sulphate can be used as a chelating agent and clarifying agent.

(9) Made of Bordeaux.



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