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The treatment of loach disease in paddy field

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Cultivating loach in paddy fields is a good is a good method to full use the fields. The loaches lived in paddy fields can loosen the soil and helpful to the soil quality and deinsectization; on the other hand, rice can make for shades for loaches. This method not only raises land utilization, but also improves farmers' income. However, it still needs industry grade ferrous sulfate to treat control wheel worm disease.

The wheel worm disease is a disease caused by a parasitic worm named the wheels warm, which generally occurs in May to August. If infected this disease, loaches have bad ingestion and often swim alone. Seriously, too much insect would threaten if not treated loaches’ normal growth, even death.

Methods to control wheels worm disease: one is to disinfect thoroughly all the field with calcium oxide; another is to spill 0.7 PPM copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate solution with the ratio for of 5 to 2 in all fields.


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