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The source of ferrous sulfate

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Ferrous sulfate, also known as green-vitriol, is the main byproduct in titanium pigment production with sulfuric acid method. According to different mines, every ton of titanium dioxide would usually brings ferrous sulfate heptahydrate 2.5 ~ 4t. With these byproducts as raw materials, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd makes ferrous sulfate. For manufacturers, comprehensive utilization can make profits. Otherwise, there’re would be a trouble to dispose large amount of ferrous sulfate.

In abroad, because of large output, low value and higher transportation cost, most of ferrous sulfate is shipped by some factories to deep sea, or dig in purchased cove which anti-seepage treated, or use titanium slag without ferrous sulfate byproduct. However, ferrous sulphate is widely used in many channels. In the United States, ferrous sulfate by-product (including those in steel mills) is consumed by those fields, 80% for iron series pigments, 8% for fertilizer and feed additive, 5% for the water-treatment and 3% for catalyst.

So, according to general application fields at home and abroad, ferrous sulfate mainly has industrial grade, agricultural grade and feed grade.

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