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The solution of oyster mushroom’s dying caused by over-density

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Oyster mushroom is a common artificial breeding edible mushroom which is popular by common people for its rich nutrients and minerals. During oyster mushroom’s growth period, it also needs some inorganic salt, for example, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, etc.
Generally, oyster mushroom raised in wine dross and cottonseed hulls will not lack of minerals. However, when too much mushrooms are crowded on the bed surface, it could cause the group nutritional deficiencies that cause a large number of young mushroom dead. Compared other death, the most remarkable feature this kind of death is young mushroom died at large amount.
The solutions to treat the mushrooms dying:
1.       When young mushrooms grown on the material surface appear too crowded, please remove some young mushroom to reduce the consumption of nutrition.
2.       Spray the culture medium with animal feed compound sodium humate 400 times liquid. Or another method: Prepare B9 5g, magnesium sulfate 20g, acidum boricum 5g, zinc sulfate 10g, VB1 250mg and urea 20g, and mix them with water 50kg as a complex spraying solution. It can be a trace elements and magnesium sulfate nutrient to accelerate fruit body expansion fast.


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