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The solution for wheat deficiency of zinc

Views: 537     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-07-20      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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Recently, due to the low content of zinc in soil and over spray the nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, the wheat seriously lack of zinc. According to these two reasons, we could scientifically use zinc fertilizer to resolve zinc deficiency.
First, apply basic fertilizer. According to zinc content in soil, spray 0.5-2 KG zinc fertilizer per acres. When turning over the soil, we could mix fertilizers or sand into the soil. Twice a year could be better. Through Rech Chemical investigation, we get to know that spraying basic fertilizer in spring and turning over the soil in autumn have best effective; spraying fertilizer and turning the soil both in autumn would be next; the worse effect was spraying zinc fertilizer in spring. When using zinc fertilizer as basic fertilizer, please control per acres usage within 2 KG, and fertilizer density not too high, or it would cause poisoning which’s bad for wheat growth. The fluidity of zinc fertilizer in soil is not good, and zinc is easy fixed by the soil. Therefore, balanced spraying onto the leaves is very necessary. Otherwise, the wheat could not be able to fully absorb zinc fertilizer. Do not mix alkaline pesticide with zinc fertilizer, for it might reduce the efficacy.
Second, use formula fertilizer that contains zinc fertilizer and other micronutrient elements. Thus, wheat not only absorbs the zinc but also other elements. This way is easy and economic.
Spraying zinc sulfate fertilizer grade is a good solution for zinc deficiency which has obvious increasing production effect and good benefit at low investment. Nowadays, there has a lot of fake zinc fertilizer that may mix magnesium in. Please pay attention to this and identify the right zinc fertilizer.


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