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The reasons of fertilizer caking

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ZInc sulphate heptahydrate, ferrous sulphate heptahydrate and other products sometimes appear agglomerate phenomenon. Why this happens? Actually, fertilizer caking has relations with a variety of factors.

First, the chemical content is the mainly reason for that may contains easy hygroscopic or easy to agglomerate of component;
Second, agglomerate relates with the particle size and shape. The larger particles, the agglomerate trend would less for less surface touch.
Third, water amount content has something with agglomerate. It's easy to absorb moisture and produce heavy crystallization for high water content products. So in fertilizer production, moisture content is a strict control indicator.

Fourth, air relative humidity affects agglomerate. Each salt or salt compound has certain critical relative humidity. Once high than that, fertilizer can absorb the moisture from the air, evaporate to the air instead. Humidity changes will make more obvious agglomeration.
Fifth, packaging temperature is also an important factor of fertilizer agglomerate.

Sixth, the height of the pile is another reason. More higher the pile, the increased pressure makes particles closely which would lead to agglomerate.

Seventh, the manganese sulphate storage time: the first 15 days general agglomerate soonly, slowing after 6 ~ 8 weeks, finally be stable.


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