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The prevention and treatment of Kerria’s yellowing

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Kerria flowers are not a scenic flower but also a high value medical, especially its branches leaves and flowers. However, in cultivation of Kerria, it always occurs chlorosis caused by ferrous sulfate deficiency.
Chlorosis is a physical diseases mainly because sticky damp and alkaline soil makes the ferrous not dissolved, leading Kerria ferrous deficiency and its symptoms.
The symptoms of diseased plant firstly begin from the top young leaves on top branch where the mesophyll color turns to yellow or light yellow where the veins still keep green. With the disease continuing , the symptoms appear that the color of all the leaves change from yellow to yellowish-white and leaves ‘ margin turn to gray or brown and necrosis.
The treatment:
1. Planted in the loose fertile acidic soil with full sunshine, good drainage.
2.In the beginning period, base fertilize ferrous sulfate solution mixed with 30 to 50 times water or intervally water with the solution fermented for 0-15 days which is mixed with 2.5 kg ferrous sulfate, 5 kg bean-cake and pig manure.
3. Or foliar spraying 0.1%-0.2% ferrous sulfate solution to prevent yellowing.


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