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The necessary micro-fertilizer skills offered

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Summer is the season to eat watermelons, famers all want to have a good harvest before summer. However, if you want the watermelon grow better, besides water to manage, fertilizing is also essential. Common water of zinc sulfate micro-fertilizer watermelon yield and quality is very good. The following practical skills are shared by farmers.
Copper fertilizer
Commonly used copper sulfate pentahydrate, can make basal. RMB $0.1-0.3 kg dosage, can use 0.1% of the solution soaking seeds, still can use 0.05% of the solution for root according to the outside.

Molybdenum fertilizer
Ammonium molybdate, can be used according to the application for seeds, and. Treating concentration is 0.05%-0.1%, time for 12 hours; According to the root density is 0.02%-0.05%, in seedling stage and smoke tendril period spraying best effect.

Zinc fertilizer
The main use water zinc sulfate, can make basal, and according to the seeds, with every 1 mu 1-1.5 kg of zinc sulfate, application for broadcasting; 0.1% of the solution can be soaked, also can beforehand sowing.results (per kilogram of seeds with 1 gram of zinc sulfate); With 0.01-0.05% zinc sulfate on according to the plain. Careful not to mix the p.

By the way." 
Three skills to teach you how to use micronutrient fertilizer well "can be found in our website.


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