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The micronutrient deficiency symptoms of Tangerine trees

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Red or yellow soil in Citrus gardens of south China often lack trace elements such as zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium elements. In south of China, citrus planting could apply micro element fertilizer such as zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate fertilizer.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms: firstly, irregular yellow spots appear on leaves near fruit, then yellow spots expand to leave margin, even most part of leave turns yellow with triangle green area on the base of midrib and leaf tissue. Serious magnesium deficiency would make all leaves yellow and fall a lot in later autumn.

Zinc deficiency symptoms: yellow spots appear between the veins of new leaves and gradually form bright yellow patches; seriously, new leaves would small and internode shortened the topmost. The fruits also become significantly small.

Ferrous deficiency symptoms: though young new tip leaves yellows, veins still keep green and veins are clearly visible. With iron deficiency furthers, the whole blade would become yellowing and whiting except main veins; even the leaves wither and fall off in advance.
If your citrus trees appear above symptoms, you may consult zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other micronutrient fertilizers to Rech Chemical Co. Ltd.


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