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The latest national testing standards of zinc sulphate and manganese sulphate

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Many customers want to know the present national standards of zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate in chemical industry. Now Rech Chemical Co. Ltd sorts them out for your reference.

Zinc sulphate:
Industry grade HG/T 2326-2005
Agriculture grade HG3277-2000
Feed grade HG2934-2000

Manganese sulphate:
Industry grade HG/T 2962-2010
Agriculture grade NY/T 1111-2006
Feed grade HG 2936-1999

Ferrous sulphate:
Water treatment agent GB10531-2006
Feed grade HG/T 2935-2006

Magnesium sulphate:
Industry grade HG/T2680-2009
Agriculture grade GB/T 26568-2011
Feed grade: HG 2933-2000


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