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The lack of micro-nutrients turns to be the common causes to limit crops yield.

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With the development of modern agriculture, in many areas and soil, micronutrients deficiency appears so frequently that it has limited the crops yield. It’s seems that there are more and more customers come to buy fertilizer grade zinc sulfate, agriculture grade manganese sulfate monohydrate, magnesium sulfate and ferrous sulfate. Actually, this situation is caused by many factors.

1.As the agricultural intensification and cultivated land recycling increased, farming crops in every area and multiple crop planting index increase significantly. The output of the grain and the straws remove a plenty of nutrient elements trace from the soil.

2, Apply a large number of NPK fertilizers and no supply corresponding trace elements timely.

3.The trace elements fertilizer is replaced with high concentrations of fertilizer, such as sulphur amine.

4, Straw burning in the field waste a lot of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur which makes these elements cannot return directly to the soil.

5Out of environmental protection, pesticides with cupric and sulfur gradually replaced by others.

6, improper soil management, such as long-term flooded can cause some trace element deficiency.

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