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The keys of planting peanut

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Foliage spraying and root top dressing (ferrous sulfate) are adopted to promote the peanut to get more blossoms and fruits, and prevent the premature in the later growth period. 1/ Root top dressing, apply 10kgs of urea for every 667㎡  on the base of root 15 days or so after blooming.  2/ Foliage spraying, with 0.2%~0.3% MKP solution or 0.2% calcium superphosphate + 0.1% urea to spray in the mid-late growth period. Spray 0.1% ferrous sulfate solution when the heart of leaves turn green.

Seedlings grow healthfully is the key for peanut harvest. Farmers usually check up the seedling situation in 15 days after seeds sowing, and reseed immediately if lack of seedlings happened.

The spraying solution should not be too thick to avoid scorching leaves, and the best time for spraying is at 8-9 a.m. or 4-5 p.m. spray every 7 days a time, 3 times totally. What's more, respray is necessary when it's rainning after spraying. 

Coated peanuts usually grow vigorously. When plants grow to 45 CM high or more, plant growth regulator is needed to spray to prevent wildly growth. That is to use paclobutrazol (effective content is 25% ) 16.7g mixed with 50kgs of water, spraying it on peanuts parietal lobe for one time.

Prevent and cure peanut aphids in the early period of plant growth is also very important. In the mid-late peanut growth, peanut leaf spot disease and underground pest is serious, disease rate is 5% during this term. Some pesticide are needed such as Carbendazim and mancozeb solution, spray them for 3 times, every 12-15days a time. Use pesticides such as phoxim to kill the wireworm and grubs. At the same time, remove the grasses timely.


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