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The importance of ferrous in plants

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Ferrous is a very important nutrient for plants and helps with photosynthesis and respiration. Plants respond not only to ferrous sulfate deficiency but also its overload. Excess ferrous is not good either since it can prove to be toxic.
Signs of Deficiency
Plants indicate ferrous deficiency when their leaves start to yellow while the veins stay green. This commonly occurs in alkaline soils since the levels of calcium hinder the absorption of ferrous.
Requirements of Ferrous
Ferrous is a micronutrient or a trace element. Hence though it is important, it is only required in very small amounts.
Causes of Deficiency
Peat moss which is often used in potted plants is one of the most common causes of ferrous deficiency. It not only blocks the absorption of ferrous but also other nutrients.
Root Rot
Root rot is also a major reason that affects the ability of roots to absorb ferrous. Root rot is caused by excess watering which reduces soil aeration in potted plants.
Ferrous deficiency can be remedied by spraying ferrous sulfate solution. 


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