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The guidelines of trace elements fertilizer use in spring farming season

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A year's plan starts with spring. After the Spring Festival, farmers will be getting busy for seeds and fertilizers selecting. As to buying trace elements fertilizer, farmers can choose them according to the soil quality and crop species. Trace elements fertilizer generally includes zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate fertilizer etc.
Hereby, some notes before your buying for reference:
1. Choose the trace elements fertilizer according to the soil PH value;
2. Choose the trace elements fertilizer according to present deficiency symptom in soil. Use the right trace elements fertilizer and do not turn blind eyes to fertilize or apply excessive fertilizer;
3. Choose the trace elements fertilizer according to the reaction of crops to trace elements;
4 The temperature and rainfall in spring will affect the release of trace element and will also affect the absorption for crops. While manganese sulfate granule and zinc sulfate granule which made from Rech Chemical have the effect of slow release.


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