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The further control of Cd in feed grade zinc sulfate produced by Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Views: 650     Author: VV     Publish Time: 2016-09-21      Origin: Rech Chemical Co. LTD

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In May, “Cadmium rice" event once cannot calm down everybody in agriculture industry.  Where does the poison”Cadmium "come from? For Rech Chemical year-round produces high quality feed grade zinc sulfate, the content of cadmium and other heavy metal are under stable and severe control that share high reputation.

Surrounding by Changsha of Hunan, as for no mining area and heavy metal pollution recent years, the cadmium rice problem may exist in the rice soil. In rural areas of Hunan, raising pigs has been a long history. All kinds of feed additives and trace element premix feed will have fed to pigs to promote their growth. If the heavy metals in the feeds surpass the standard, excessive part cannot be absorbed by pigs and finally excreted out with pig excrement to major paddy fields and rivers in the countryside. Then, the heavy metals gradually enter the human food chain and indirectly affect human body health.

Our state is very strict with heavy metal content in the feed grade zinc sulfate powder, as cadmium content requires is less than 10 PPM. Feed grade zinc sulfate produced by Rech Chemical not only qualifies the national standard, but also has special advantage in the production process:

1. Special add the raw materials rinse procedure that control the chloride ion content is not more than 0.5%

2. The application of special enrichment crystallization process can manufacture low hygroscopicity product than ordinary products on the market.

3. Air drying equipment make feed grade zinc sulfate more fluency with less impurity, which is easy to be feed premix.


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