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The fertilizer management plan of mechanized rice field

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The fertilizer management in mechanized rice field is different from common rice. The fertilization for each acre during rice whole stages: If conditions allowed, give priority to farm manure and organic fertilizer, then NPK helps. Generally, the total amount is: urea 30~38 kilograms, general calcium 25~30 kg, and potassium sulfate 5~8 kg, fertilizer grade zinc sulfate 2 kilograms. Among these, all general calcium is used for base fertilize.

Fertilizer management plan in details as follows:

1. Base fertilizer: for each acre, farm manure 1000-15000 kg; urea 18 kilograms, general calcium superphosphate 20-30 kilograms, zinc sulfate 2 kilograms.

2. Tillering fertilizer: for each acre, NH4HCO3 30 kg, potassium sulfate 4 kilograms.

3. Earing fertilizer: for each acre, urea 5 kilograms, potassium sulfate 4 kilograms.

4. Topdressing on roots: for each are, 250g monopotassium phosphate against water for spraying in full heading time.

When fertilize zinc sulfate fertilizer grade, pay attention to apply "less water" management.


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