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The factors effects chicken drink water

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In chicken’s feeding, water is the most important material to keep healthy and steady laying rate, however there’re many factors to impact chickens’ drinking quantity, such as environmental temperature, compositions in water as magnesium sulphate and other material.

The drinking amount for Chickens is 1.25 or 2.5 times than feeding amount, which mainly depends on factors as environment temperature, diet and its compositions, chicken own characteristics and water quality.

The environment temperature can make chickens drink more water. When the temperature is higher than 20℃,drinking quantity increased; The drinking amount under 35 ℃ is 1.5 times of those under 20℃ of. Less change under 0℃; when temperature goes under 0 ℃, the water damount reduce.

Various changes on chicken Food ingredients has a significant effect to drinking.
Drinking amount also increases with chicken growth.
Some compounds contained in water such as sodium chloride and sodium sulfate will increase drinking amount, but magnesium sulfate and zinc sulfate contained water will decrease drinking amount. 


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