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The daily management for Camellia tree cultivation

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Recently, there are some camellia trees planted in the courtyard, thus how to take care of these trees becomes a problem. Finally, ferrous sulfate can also be applied as ferrous fertilizer.

Camellia trees that grows in the south of Huaihe River, generally can naturally survive in winters as long as provide more sunshine than rhododendrons. Camellia prefers partial acid soil, and usually watered with neutral or partial acid surface water.

When Iron deficiency yellowing appears in new shoots, spraying 0.2% ferrous sulfate once a week until it recovers. To prevent yellowing disease, root rot in north, please spray 0.2% ferrous sulfate every 15 to 30 days at a time.

Major diseases for Camellia are ring spot, anthracnose, withered tip, leaf spot, bituminous coal, yellowing disease and so on. And mainly control agents: Tuzet 800 times; Carbendazim 500 times; Chlorothalonil 800 times; Mildew spirit 800 times; ferrous sulfate and so on to regularly control.


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