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The crushing & filter technology of ferrous sulfate particles

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There are basically two kinds of manufacturing methods of ferrous sulfate monohydrate, one is wet method, and another is wet method. Wet process only can produce powder; dry process can produce both granule and powder with filtering.

The three common particle sizes for ferrous sulfate are 6~12mesh, 12~24mesh, 20~40mesh. Limited by production technology and the particles’ crushing and filter technology, most of the Chinese domestic factories only provide particles sized as 6~20mesh and 20~60mesh. As for medium sized particle 12~24mesh, there are very few factories can supply it.

Committed to ferrous sulfate production for more than 20 years, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd has mastered the key crushing and filter skill in dry particle manufacturing and can stable provide three different specifications of ferrous sulfate monohydrate particles as 6~12 mesh, 12~24 mesh, 20~ 40 mesh, to meet the different customers’ application fields.


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