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The control and supervision of heavy metal pollution in mineral exploration

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For a variety of mineral resources mixed together, in the process of mineral resources exploration, such as ore dressing, smelting stage, some content in ores would be abandoned for manganese sulphate monohydrate industry grade powder. So a lot of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, arsenic would come into the atmosphere, water and soil and it could cause severe environmental pollution when accumulated to certain content.

At present, there had been a relative standard for heavy metal comprehensive environmental assessment domestically. Any projects referred with heavy metal pollution, the enterprises have to pass the environmental evaluation that’s strict enough to effectively prevent and control pollution events, especially some entering conditions of development zone in recent years. The requirements are more strict on the safe distance between some lead-zinc mine and processing enterprise and city.

With the rapid development of our country's economy and society, highly industry growth made the hidden trouble of the heavy metal obviously in front of us. In the heavy metal pollution prevention and control, the spending on equipment and technology are enterprise's biggest cost. Up to now, the waste water has generally reached 'zero emissions ", that means waste water can achieve' zero pollution after treatment. But according to solid wastes in China, it has to do less than zero pollution standards, usually only limit to relatively high content of parts in waste.

At present there have been relative standards, if followed the strictly environmental protection standard to produce and smelt manganese sulphate and other products, the pollution events usually can effectively prevented and controlled.


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