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The application of zinc sulphate in alkaline-slag cement manufacturing

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"Flotation" is an effective mineral separation technique according to the different physical and chemical qualities of mineral particle surface. In lead-zinc flotation, zinc sulphate is used as inhibitor.

The principle of Lead-zinc flotation
Zinc sulfate is an inhibitor of sphalerite. Only under alkaline ore pulp condition, it can play its inhibition role. The inhibition role shows more obvious under higher pH of pulp. The inhibition effect for zinc sulfate alone is very poorer, and it’s often applied with cyanide, sodium sulfide, sulfite, thiosulfate and sodium carbonate together. This compound method can strengthen the inhibited effectiveness in sphalerite. The common proportion for cyanide and zinc sulphate is usually 1:2 to 1: 5.

The process of mixed flotation: first use CH3CH2OCSSNa to float lead and zinc mineral out at one time; then use zinc sulfate and cyanide to inhibit zinc content and float out zinc and lead ore as for bulk concentrate.

Nowadays, many dressing plants widely apply zinc sulphate industry grade and cyanide as inhibitor to flotation lead-zinc deposit.

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