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The application of magnesium sulphate in fire prevention

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Used in fire prevention materials, magnesium sulphate can be made into plastic flame retardants as acrylate resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane. Magnesium sulphate alkali type magnesium sulfate industry gradwhisker is such a kind of excellent flame retardant materials.

Magnesium sulfate alkali type magnesium sulfate whisker (MOS), also called sulfur oxygen magnesium whisker. Through the hydrothermal synthetic, raw materials of magnesium sulphate and sodium hydroxide are made into alkali type magnesium sulfate whisker 5 Mg (OH) 2·MgSO4.2H2O(short as 512MOS). Magnesium sulfate whisker is suitable for constituent element in plastic, rubber, polyurethane, metal and ceramic enhancement groups. It has good effect of machine strength, heat resistance, the flame retardancy and dimensional stability.

Magnesium sulfate alkali type magnesium sulfate whisker is a kind of inorganic enhance toughening materials with the advantage of high strength, low density, high elastic modulus, which are widely used in plastic, ceramic, paint, metal, chemical industry, aviation, etc.


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