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The application of magnesium sulfate in water treatment

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The inorganic flocculants as ferrous sulfate and aluminum sulfate are common used in water treatment. Actually,industry grade magnesium sulfate also can be used to treat industrial wastewater.

The wastewater from the process as electroplating and barium or chromium metal smelting generally brings barium, chromium and other heavy metals. The main role of magnesium sulfate is to make these heavy metals in industrial wastewater precipitate out. Under alkaline conditions, magnesium sulfate not only remove heavy metals which would be compounded with phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen into struvite, also can make water decolored.

There’s a note especially for us that excessive magnesium sulfate would increase the amount of magnesium ions in water which raise the water hardness on a certain degree.

In general, magnesium sulfate is an environmental protection agent in water treatment.


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