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The application of ferrous sulfate in weeding

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Lichens, mosses weed generally appear in tea gardens. These tightly stick on branches or tea tree skin that they are hard to be off. Now, why not try ferrous sulfate?

At present, ferrous sulfate is not only widely applied in agriculture, but also used as a herbicide. The specific prevention and control as follows:

(1) Improve tea garden microclimate. Keep clear of tea garden weeds and timely drains ditch after the rain to prevent moisture retention.

(2) Application of the enzyme bacteria that’s made of retting compost or organic fertilizer; reasonable picking makes tea tree grow vigorously.

(3) Planting ash leaching solution enriched after boiling and daub on the lichen or moss disease department it has good effect on removing.

(4) Spray bordeaux by 1:1:10 0 liquid or 600 times liquid of green milk copper.

(5) In autumn and winter when tea stop plucking, spray ferrous sulfate solution or 1 % glyphosate herbicides to effectively control moss.


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