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The application of ferrous sulfate in fish-farming

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Nowadays, ornamental fish like koi fish are kept in many districts or park’s ponds. The scene that koi fish are swimming in the pool with operculas-hop always appears lovely and attractively! However, if the fishes catch disease, feed grade ferrous sulfate could do a favor. Ferrous sulfate and copper sulfate are common drugs for fish disease prevention and treatment.
Ferrous sulfate is used to prevent and control gills disease cubits that caused by protozoa. Ferrous sulfate must be combined with copper sulfate in fish disease prevention. In fact, ferrous sulfate itself cannot treat the disease but copper sulfate can. Because the gills of diseased fish secrete so much mucus that copper sulfate solution is hard to infiltrate .And ferrous sulfate can dissolve mucus and open the channels for copper sulfate then copper sulfate can work as a pesticide effectively.
Please pay attention to the following two notes when you apply ferrous sulfate:
1. The proportion of copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate should be 5:2.
2. Do not use bleaching powder, salt and drugs when you use copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate.


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