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The analysis of glossy privet leaves yellowing

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Glossy privet is a famous hedgerow plant belonging to evergreen or semi-green shrubs. It can effectively reduce the noise and intake the harmful gas in the air. However, the leaves of potted privet easily appear yellowing caused by ferrous sulfate deficiency.
Symptom: plant small; young and new parts take on chlorosis but veins are still green; seriously, the whole leaves turn yellow even white. The young leaves are very small and withered until fell off because the growth of roots and stems are inhibited by ferrous deficiency that makes new branches dying. Ferrous is unmovable elements and it’s difficult to recycle in plant bodies. Ferrous directly or indirectly take a part in chlorophyll synthesis, though it plays as a activator of some enzyme in chlorophyll synthesis. If plants take on ferrous deficiency, the activity of an enzyme goes down. This makes synthesizing chlorophyll cannot be compounded and photosynthesis cannot carry on.
The causes of ferrous deficiency:
The causes of the privet ferrous deficiency attributed to two aspects, one is that the ferrous content in basin soil itself is actually few; another reason: With long-term alkaline water poured in soil, the soil’s PH value rising that turns soil alkaline or there is too much phosphorus in the basin. They all obstruct the ferrous sulfate absorption of privet.
Prevention and treatment:
The following three methods can effectively solve the privet’s chlorosis caused by ferrous.
a. The water for potted plants need magnetized and mineralized. When watering ,add attenuat vinegar or boron solution in clear water or fertilize physiological acidic fertilizer to make basin soil acidic.
b. Stir ferrous powder in basin soil to let its slow oxidized and then absorpted by privet.
c. Fertilize vanadium solution every 10 days or foliar spraying or base fertilizing 0.2% fertilizer grade ferrous sulfate and 0.1% urea solution.


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