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Symptoms and solutions for photinia ferrous deficiency

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Red-tip photinia is prone to yellowing of the leaves in between the leaf veins, a condition called chlorosis, which is caused by ferrous sulfate deficiency. Chlorosis is particularly occurring in alkaline soil.
The leaves will yellow in a distinctive pattern, leaving the leaf veins green. Ferrous deficiency chlorosis will start in the new foliage, working through older leaves if left untreated.

This condition can be corrected by the following methonds:

1. Apply ferrous sulfate fertilizer grade to the plant in the form of foliage spray or granular supplements, following package directions. These can be found in any garden center or nursery.

2. Work peat moss into the soil for long-term treatment of chlorosis. This acidic supplement balances the alkaline soil, improving the ability of the plant to absorb ferrous.

3. Improve soil drainage to increase resistance to chlorosis. Wet soil prevents plant roots from absorbing enough oxygen, leaving them unable to take up ferrous. Working mulch or compost into the soil can improve drainage.

4. Apply only low-phosphorous fertilizer. Excess phosphorous can block ferrous sulfate uptake by the plant. Phosphorus content is indicated on the fertilizer package by the middle number in the three-number indicator of fertilizer grade.


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