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Symptoms and solutions for jujube tree manganese deficiency.

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When manganese deficiency occurred, chlorosis appears between the veins. What’s worse, the colorosis turn to sunburn-like spot. And trees will stop to grow, interveinal areas turn to yellow and main vein still keep green.
1. Spraying 0.3% manganese sulfate solutions for twice-3times in March to May, once per half a month;
2. Hole applying manganese sulfate monohydrate to improve the soil condition and the air permeability;
3. Spraying 0.6% manganese sulfate solutions with 0.30Be lime sulfur to the crown in June to August.
4. When sprouting, spraying 10% manganese sulfate to the branch. Not only can this method prevent jujube trees from Mn deficiency, but also can promote the growth of new branch and leaves, strengthen the resistance ability for cold, drought, and anti-pest.
When apply manganese sulfate, it is necessary to control the volume well. Because too little manganese sulfate can not correct Mn deficiency thoroughly, but too much may cause manganese intoxication.


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