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Summing up the usages of zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate

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In order to let our customers have a clear understanding for the usages of zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate, today we sum up the usages as follows for your reference:
Zinc sulfate: Zincs sulfate can be widely used as feed additive, agricultural fertilizer and mineral processing materials. Zinc sulfate can be divided as powder and granule from the appearance, and zinc sulfate also can be divided as zinc sulfate monohydrate and zinc sulfate heptahydrate from molecular formula. 
Generally speaking, zinc sulfate monohydrate powder is used as feed additive, and granule is used as fertilizer for the character of slow release. However, I have to point out that if you purchase zinc sulfate for agricultural use by foliar spraying, then zinc sulfate powder is better than the granule.
Absolutely, zinc sulfate can also be used as dying industry and electroplating industry.
Ferrous sulfate: Just like zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate also can be used as feed additive, agricultural fertilizer and dying agent. Besides that, ferrous sulfate plays an important role in waste water treatment industry and in cement industry. 


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