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Spraying zinc sulfate can treat tomato’s dehiscent fruit disease

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For farmers, tomato is really a remarkable crop for low cost and good economic benefits. But, hot summer climate usually make to tomatoes dehiscent easily when fruiting. Experienced farmers suggest you to spray zinc sulfate solution to prevent dehiscent fruit disease at the moment.

Dehiscent fruit is one of common diseases for potatoes as mosaic disease, Tomato Early Blight, blossom-end rot and are. In the south of China, the summer weather usually happen badly heat then the drought fields soil might meet heavy rain soon. This kind of climate change easily cause the tomato root physiological dysfunction and boron absorption function hinder. When tomatoes’ skin cannot resist inner pressure, the dehiscent fruit happens. Dehiscent & Burning fruit disease also caused by the constant high temperature and drought. Under this hot weather, farmers can spray zinc sulfate 0.1% solution or copper sulfate 0.1% (96%) to improve the tomatoes’ heat resistance. It could effectively prevent and cure tomatoes’ dehiscent & burning fruit disease.

Buyers generally prefer to buy round tomatoes with bright color. If your tomatoes suffered dehiscent fruit disease when summer fruiting, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd suggest you to spray water-soluble zinc sulfate fertilizer at advanced.


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