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Spraying ferrous sulfate monohydrate on wheat would increase yield?

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Wheat is no doubt the most important crop, playing a major role among the few crops cultivated at a large level, and serving to start farming. Due to uncontrolled and unwise consumption of chemical fertilizers, ground water pollution, and soil structure degradation have to be solved by some proper methods solution. Like spraying ferrous sulfate monohydrate, not only change soil Ph, but also increase the wheat yield.

Numerous studies have shown that using Fe and manganese in soil as well as spraying solutions of ferrous sulfate and manganese sulfate in wheat not only Increase quantitative and qualitative yield, but also increases their amounts in wheat grains. For example, Fe concentration in wheat grain and stubble, and protein percentage significantly increase by consuming the fertilizers containing Fe, such as spraying ferrous sulfate monohydrate or iron sulfate heptahydrate. Although wheat is usually known as a grain containing starch, its proteins are considered as the most important biological and metabolic compounds. Meanwhile, Fe and manganese is micro element. The iron deficiency is usually occurred in the young leave. It is also a necessary element in hydrocarbon production, respiration, as well as oxidation and reduction operations in plants.
On the other hand, soil test is necessary before spraying treatment. Soil PH has strong affects on a nutrient element's chemical form its solubility. Usually the micro nutrition elements of Fe would dissolve in soil in acid soil. When soils are neutral or alkaline, Fe would less available for plants. Spraying or foliar nutrition need under this soil Ph that would decrease chemical fertilizers consumption and their environmental hazards. Especially nowadays that toxin reduction policy and optimizing fertilizer consumption is under discussion.

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