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Spraying agriculture water-soluble fertilizers with airplane

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Modern agriculture develops into scale and efficient mode and whole areas of land promote big planters to adopt more advanced agricultural production technology and equipment. Airplane spraying water-soluble fertilizers( such as zinc sulphate heptahydrate) has been more commonly applied in big farms and fields and also accepted by more farmers. Referred with the local climate and plants practical growing, trace elements of water-soluble fertilizers can be loaded on agricultural airplane for the large area spraying.

In rice growing process, excessive rainfall and hot humid climate would easily cause disease and insect pest disease and so forth. Through the establishment of precise management system for soil measuring fertilization, drug monitoring, prevention and control on plant diseases and insect pests, planters could make a overall data collection on rice growing, potions, fertilization, plant diseases and insect pests diseases, especially on the needs for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc and so on more than 10 kinds of trace elements. Tillering, booting and jointing are the most important periods to the rice growth, when plane spraying foliar fertilization,

medicament could be done in accordance with rice growing demand for trace elements to strengthen prematurity and disease-resistance.
Spraying water-soluble fertilizers with Airplane or other trace element fertilizer can make the front and back side of the crops and also its stem fully exposed to medicine and fertilizers. And its droplets are small and droplets distribute uniformly, so praying water-soluble fertilizers with airplane has better effect than that of ground machinery for large area.


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