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Some tips for corns of zinc sulfate fertilizing

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Corns fertilizing emphasized in using N,P,K fertilizer together, and put N fertilizer in the deep soil and make top application by stages. Every 100 kgs corn kernels need 2-3 kgs N fertilizer, 0.8-1.5 kgs P2O5 fertilizer, 2-3 kgs potassium oxide.
Base fertilizer and seed manure should be made before sowing, and the key point is match organic fertilizer and partial chemical fertilizer; and strawing returns to the land directly, together with proportion of N fertilizer. Generally, 45% compound fertilizer 20kgs+ calcium superphosphate 30-40kgs+ potassium sulfate 5-6kgs. Trace elements such as Zn, Mo, B can be used as base fertilizer, volume is 1-2kgs of zinc sulfate, 1kg of molybdenum sulfate, and 1kgs of sodium borate for every 667㎡. It can be sprayed on foliar or for seed dressing and soaking seed.
400-500kgs/667㎡ of irrigable land needs 20kgs urea, 40kgs of calcium superphosphate, 6-8kgs of muriate of potash, 1-2kgs of zinc sulfate; For 300-350kgs/667㎡, 15-20kgs of urea, 30kgs of calcium superphosphate, 5-6kgs of muriate of potash, 1-2kgs of zinc sulfate are needed.
Foliar spraying is also very important in seedling stage, jointing stage and pustulation period. 0.1-0.3% zinc sulfate solution should be spraying in seedling stage, which can protect corns from white seedling disease; 0.2-0.3% monopotassium phosphate spraying for 2-3 times in jointing stage to protect from falling. Pustulation period is the key stage for corn’s grain and grain weight, and corns need some nutrient supply, and foliar spraying can receive good effects at this moment.  



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