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Some skills for zinc sulfate monohydrate granular fertilizing

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Zinc sulfate monohydrate granular is widely used as fertilizer for its high content of zinc, and is easy to be absorbed. We must pay attention to the fertilizing time, methods, dosage and kinds of plants as well as the following points:
Firstly, broadcast and banded application for zinc sulfate fertilizer are used mostly, the best time to fertilize is before sowing seeds and transplanting, generally 1.5-5 kg zinc sulfate fertilizer are needed for every one 667㎡ soil. 
Secondly, different soil and plants have different demands. Generally speaking, the effect of zinc will stay for 3-5 years in the soil, so soil testing is needed before fertilizing. When the zinc content is no more than 0.5mg/kg, zinc sulfate fertilizer is needed for plants, and when more than 1mg/kg, zinc sulfate fertilizer is not necessary. 
|Thirdly, zinc sulfate fertilizer is a trace element, and plants need only a little. So the dosage must be controlled when fertilizing. It needs only 0.5-2kg/667㎡ as base fertilizer, and 0.75-1kg/667㎡ as additional fertilizer. 
Finally, do not blend with phosphate fertilizer when fertilizing, for it’s easy to form Zinc phosphate deposits, which will reduce the effect of both zinc and phosphate, and it’s hard to be absorbed by plants.


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