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Skills for Banana fertilizer applying

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According to the research, every banana tree needs 150.5g N fertilizer, 40.7g P fertilizer and 561g K fertilizer and a little trace element such as manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate. But plants only absorb a part of fertilizers; 50-80% of them are lost or fixed by soil. 
Generally speaking, the proportion of N, P, K fertilizer is 1:0.2~0.5:1.1~2.0, some fertilizer methods are adopted such as root fertilizer or top application. Root fertilizer such as broadcasting, hole application or furrow application. 
Top application is applying liquid fertilizer to leaves or fruit surface. It’s easy for absorption by lamina or fruits, and the rate is 90%, but it needs to apply for some times and the volume will be small.
Different fertilizers are applied in different soil situation and growth periods. Urea, NPK compound fertilizers, monopotassium phosphate and foliage fertilizer as well as kinds of micronutrient fertilizer (zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate and so on.) 
Root fertilizing made together with top application ( zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate and so on) will receive good effects and increase output and also the fruit quality; at the same time, it can reduce the production cost.


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