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Signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency in pecan trees

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Pecan trees suffering from Zinc deficiency will display certain symptoms. Leaves that are discolored in the veins, wavy or curling leaves, or long bare branches with just a clump of leaves at the top are all symptoms of zinc deficiency. If the nut kernals are poorly filled or hollow, this too is a sign of zinc defieciency. Applications of zinc, especially in liquid form to the foliage, will insure these symptoms do not occur, and therefore insure a better crop of nuts.

When to Apply Zinc To Pecan Trees?
As soon as leaves emerge from dormancy, and are light yellow in color, make your first application of zinc. Zinc has a tendency to burn leaves, so spray your pecan trees in the early morning hours and not during the heat of the day. Follow directions on the package when mixing your zinc solution. Spray foliage of the trees until foliage is wet and starts to drip. Additional zinc applications should be made every two to three weeks for the next two months. If you determine your pecan trees require a pesticide treatment, most pesticides can be mixed into your zinc solution and applied concurrently.


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