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Seed dressing with manganese sulfate mono will benefit to potato seedling

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Potato is the main grain and the economic crop in China, and also the raw material of starch processing. Manganese sulfate monohydrate is the essential trace elements of crops, for it takes part in the photosynthesis and plays a important role in maintaining normal chloroplast membrane system. Some researches states that manganese can promote the plant growth and improve the output. Manganese deficiency will restrain the growth. Now the manganese seed dressing is the common way of preventing manganese sulfate deficiency.
We almost don’t apply Mn and S fertilizer for potatoes in China. Lots of testing results show that using manganese sulfate of different thickness to dress seeds will have different effects to seedlings. So fertilize manganese sulfate rationally is very important to the potato cultivation. 
The most appropriate thickness for manganese sulfate is 0.015-0.045%, seeds dressing with this thickness will increase the seedlings leaves’ chlorophyll content and soluble sugar content, and improve the invertin activation, which will improve the photosynthetic capacity of seedlings, and increase the sugar accumulation and transform, in order to make plants grow strong and healthy, and make growers get great output.
Appropriate manganese sulfate for seeds dressing will make plants grow strong and receive good harvest.


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