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Rech Chemical teaches you to use egg shells

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Broken eggshell generally be deserted in the trash-bin by us. But for livestock and poultry farmers, after added a bit of feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate, the eggshell could become useful thing. Actually, eggshell has various applications.

1.     Made for eggshell powder. Eggshell powder is a good minerals for breeding livestock and poultry feed. It contains calcium 34.9%, 2.2% phosphorus, which basically satisfy the livestock and poultry’s need for calcium, phosphorus. And fresh eggshell contains 12% crude protein after crushed into powder.

2. Processed into dried blood fertilizer. Dry and crush eggshell into powder, then mix it with the waste blood from slaughterhouse. After air-dried, it could be crushed into eggshell blood meal fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used for potted flowers and trees, fruit trees, bonsai to make the plants grow well.

3. Processed into eggshell powder feed. Mix eggshell powder 50 kg with zinc sulfate 100g, manganese sulfate 100g, copper sulfate 70 ~ 80 g, ferrous sulfate 80g, potassium iodide 20~25 g, sodium chloride100 g, terramycin 50 g. Mixed fully, the eggshell powder could be ready for feeding. Feed amount: 25~50 g a day.

Therefore, collect some daily or catering enterprises’ broken eggshell together and make them into a zinc sulfate monohydrate feed. It not only save your farming cost but also a good method of nutrition optimization of feed structures for livestock and poultry.


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