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Rech Chemical teach you the solutions for common tobacco diseases

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Tobaccos are planted in many provinces of China. The widest planting area mainly concentrate in Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Henan, Zhejiang and other provinces. The zinc sulfate manufacturer of Rech Chemical often receives inquiries from these tobacco planting areas. In planting, tobacco farmers mainly to deal with diseases as Angle spot disease, wildfire disease, climate spot and mosaic disease.

Solutions for Angle spot, wildfire disease: Firstly, scientific manager on watering and fertilization as reduce nitrogen fertilizer in later period and increase phosphorus application. Secondly, timely remove the diseased leaves and spray Bordeaux solution, once for 7~10 days, continuously at least 3 times.

Solutions for Climate spot: Firstly, increase fertilization in top dressing to strengthen disease-resistant ability. Secondly, remove diseased leaves in time to increase ventilation and light between plants. Thirdly, spray 500 times of agricultural streptomycin.

Solutions for Mosaic disease: On one hand, try to cut the spreading route of virus through prompt removing ill plants and aphid control. Secondly, rationally allocation of fertilizer could start to properly increase potash to improve plant's resistance. Thirdly, spray with fertilizer grade zinc sulfate  0.1% and the virus A 20% in prevention.

Well known the methods for these Mosaic disease with zinc sulfate or others, tobacco farmers could timely and correctly response to the field plant diseases.


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