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Rech Chemical teach you how to treat hoof rot disease with zinc sulfate (2)

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According to the incidence reasons for hoof rot disease, zinc sulfate solution could effectively treat the cattle hoof rot disease and make the farmers’ loss down to the minimum.

First of all, vaccination is the most effective measures against hoof disease.

Secondly, strengthen the management of barn environment and timely clear the waste and keep it dry.
Finally, add appropriate amount of bone powder or bran in cattle’s feed, including zinc sulfate, copper sulfate (4.5 g per kilogram of body weight) every day.

The solutions for diseased cattle: 

1, Clean and wash the hoof with 20% zinc sulfate solution which is widely used in some big farm or ranch.

2, Bath the hoof with 10% copper sulfate solution bath for 2 ~ 5 minutes, every two weeks which has obvious effect. However, copper sulfate cost higher. 3, As to the severe diseased rot cattle, dig the rotten organization and lay with penicillin mixed with cod liver oil on the affected area.


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