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Rech Chemical Co. LTD teaches you to distinguish zinc or magnesium deficiency for corn

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Corn is a most sensitive to zinc fertilizer such as zinc sulfate monohydrate and zinc sulfate heptahydrate. You can judge whether the corn are zinc or magnesium deficiency according to the following description.

Zinc deficiency symptoms: If zinc deficiency occurs in corn seedling stage, the newborn leaves lost green between veins and appear pale yellow or white. So it’s also called "whitening disease". In addition, the organization in middle and upper of the leaf becomes thinner and shows translucent yellow stripe shape. If zinc deficiency occurs in later growth, veins mainly lost green and appear the light yellow and green alternate stripes, even brown necrosis in serious case. It may delay tasseling that may easily cause bald grain or lack grains.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms: The symptoms firstly start from base leaves because the magnesium transfers to new leaves. So the leaves show yellow or orange stripes in middle of veins. When the appearance of the stripe would formed white necrotic patches until leaf cell organization stem dead lastly.

Therefore, once you find the corn catches on the above zinc deficiency symptoms, fertilizing zinc sulfate monohydrate timely and correctly to an effective way to promote the maize yield increasing practical.


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